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FSCA Authorised Premium Collections

We arrange for all premiums on warranties sold by you to be collected by an authorised collection bureau . . .

This means that your dealership:

  • Does not have to submit audited annual financial statements to the FSCA.
  • Does not have to comply with the Financial Soundness Requirements imposed by S 48 of Board Notice 194 of 2017.
  • Does not have to meet the onerous conditions now imposed by insurers before they may authorise any intermediary to collect premiums on their behalf.
  • Does not have to open and maintain a separate bank account into which premiums are to be received and which bank account may only contain monies collected from policyholders and may not contain any monies or funds of the dealership.
Weekly Payments

All commissions and other fees are paid to you the motor dealer once a week.

Payments are accompanied by VAT compliant bordereaux

This means:

  • No delay in commission and other VAP payments.
  • Administration procedures are greatly simplified
  • VAT procedures are simplified
  • The entire system is easily managed by all users.
Detailed Records & Reports

We retain detailed records of every transaction.

This means that you are able to:

  • Amend Invoice Details (limited option)
  • Cancel Invoices
  • View your business history at the click of a mouse
  • Request copies of all documents

To sign up with Debella is a free service. Our normal charge is R 115.00 plus VAT per invoice processed.

On invoicing you have the option to add the Debella R132.25 (VAT incl) fee to the Debella invoice for cash deals, ABSA deals and Standard Bank deals or to carry the cost per invoice as part of your ‘on the road’ basket.

Dealer platforms provide extensive administration functions (no invoicing) whereas using the Debella system allows you to generate the 2 required invoices for the Banks.

Please speak to us regarding the integration of the two systems

The person who is going to be using the system when creating invoices and the DP details in the Person Authorised to confirm or change section

The bank account into which the commission is to be paid on a weekly basis.

Unfortunately if you do not have your own licence or if you are not a Juristic Representative of another FSP, you cannot have access to the Debella system.

The invoicing of warranties does not have any effect on your qualifications; there is no requirement for any of this kind of proof.


No your Debella invoice has the warranty products on it already.

For each administrator Debella issues a product code per policy type. This allows both the Banks and the Debella system to ensure the correct warranty premium is charged and the correct commissions paid to the Dealer.

The MFC code that is printed on the Debella invoice is system generated and is the MFC code for this product – i.e. not the Debella code

There are options on the invoicing page where you have access to certain sections of the invoice you have created in order to make the necessary changes.

On any "New" invoice you may at any time change the bank, client address details and motor vehicle details.

Failing this, you will have to create a credit note and issue a new invoice.

Very simple.., On your home page, you will see a block that indicates " request a credit note" – complete this and send.

As above you will have to create a credit note.

There are options on the invoicing page where you have access to certain sections of the invoice you have created in order to make the necessary changes.

Failing this, you will have to create a credit note and issue a new invoice.

This is notification that you have been paid for the invoice and also to help you keep track of warranty sales.

This bordereaux basically replaces the invoice you used to get from your warranty sales rep at month end.

Bordereau is a VAT compliant document.

We will issue you with a certificate saying that you are registered on the Debella system.

However, as what happens on a day to day basis is beyond our control, we cannot certify that you do not collect any premiums.

This is the responsibility of your Compliance Officer.

At the top of the home page and the invoicing page is an icon reading ‘product codes’ – click on this and the select the required administrator and then product.

Else, please send an email to and we will send you whatever product codes you need.

You will have to change your invoice to a cash deal and pay the monies across to Debella in order to receive your commission

The only reason Debella won’t have paid you is if we have not yet been paid for this deal.

We send out weekly outstanding invoice reports, listing all deals older than 15 days for which we have not yet received payment.

We rely on your feedback on these reports so we can chase the banks if necessary.

We would need a letter or e-mail (using company stationery) from the person initially given as authorised to make changes on the system (i.e. generally owner or dealer principle) as to the required changes and reasons for change

This will only happen with MFC. Please contact our support number 010 590 3032 and we will gladly assist.

A cash deal still needs to be invoices via the Debella system. Ideally the client should pay Debella directly as you are not allowed to collect premiums of any kind. We realise that in practice this is difficult so if the client does pay you for the warranty, you need to immediately pay this on to Debella in full.

Avoid the hassle and let Debella collect premiums for you.