How Debella Works

Debella developed a proprietary patented system for the collection of warranty premiums now usually referred to as a Split Invoice System.

The system allows a user (F&I) to create an invoice for a warranty product/s on behalf of the Insurer.

This invoice is submitted to the Bank together with the Dealership invoice for the vehicle.

The Bank pays the amount for the Warranty to the Insures bank account which is monitored and administered by Debella.

The Debella system processes the deposits accordingly and allocates them to the correct invoice.

The Debella system then instructs the Insurer Bank Account to pay the commission from the warranty to the correct dealership and the rest of the premium to the Insurers main bank account.

All associated reports (e.g., Bordereaux, Premiums Received, Cancelled/Reversed Policies etc.) are automatically generated and sent out on a scheduled basis.

All system, invoicing, deposit and pay-out queries are handled by Debella. Similarly, any reversals or upliftment that need to be processed are also handled by Debella.

Any Questions?

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